Veronica Murphy: Registered Investment Advisor
Ms. Murphy entered the financial world at the age of 16 when she interned at the New York Stock Exchange. At age 22 became one of Merrill Lynch’s youngest hires, a feat only more impressive being a woman. It was the summer of 1981 when the market was at 800 and the greatest bull market in history had yet to begin.

Ms. Murphy furthered her career in 1984 with Morgan Stanley and went on to become one of the top financial advisors in the most prestigious firm on Wall Street boasting over 15,000 brokers by 2001. Morgan Stanley recognized Veronica's talents and featured her in equity training videos for the sales force as well as highlighting her as a featured speaker at corporate meetings. After 18 extremely successful years at Morgan Stanley, Ms. Murphy concluded her long career as a Senior Vice President, a top 100 equity producer, and the number one female advisor at the firm.

One of her greatest influences during her 20 years at big brokerage houses was a professor at Wharton School of Business, Jeremy Siegel, author of Stocks for the Long Run. It was under his tutelage that she realized how difficult it is to outperform the S+P 500 index consistently. However, Ms. Murphy set out to do just that, following her true passion when she established her own firm to do it her way. (see our performance)

Veronica is also dedicated to volunteerism and charity. She has hosted charity golf tournaments benefitting the Leukemia Society as well as auctions and donations for many organizations including the Humane Society, Special Olympics, New Haven Animal Shelter as well as serving meals at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen in New Haven Ct. Ms. Murphy also spearheaded a fundraiser to benefit a local catholic school in dire need of a new gymnasium and is currently managing funds for several local nonprofit organizations.  VAM has relocated to Sarasota, Florida and is now involved in the local community organizations such as Chamber of Commerce and Siesta Key Homeowners Association.


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